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    Rui's "enterprising service" is still“ 
    Company Introduction
     Lavtech was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Shanghai. It has a subsidiary in Beijing. Lavtech has invested in acquiring large amounts of AV equipment. It owns Disguise D3, the most advanced multimedia control system, and AV assets such as WATCHOUT. We fully understand the latest developments on the market and maintains a good relationship with many AV manufacturers, and that’s why we are able to customize our AV products as per our clients’ requests. 
     Lavtech has always been committed to providing professional AV technology solutions and equipment leasing services for large multinational corporations, creative organizations, music performance institutions, large sports events organizations and governmental agencies.
     These services include: 
    1.Professional designs for stage lighting and ambient lighting
     2.Professional designs for indoor and outdoor audio systems 
    3.Video display equipment technology and multimedia hardware technology 
    Most importantly, Lavtech is able to work as a team and integrate the aforementioned technologies in an optimal way so as to provide the most ideal designs and tech support for our clients.
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